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Becky Weck Miller/R.J.Miller is an author of Christian Fiction with a sustainability/ self-sufficiency emphasis. She lives in the greater Phoenix, AZ.  Area. In addition to a BA in literature from Antioch University, she has also attended  Bible college, Christian high school, and was raised as a Baptist Pastor's daughter. She is also married to an Assembly of God minister and continuing her own studies herself. 

She incorporates her love for these into Christian Fiction.  She teaches people how to be self-sufficient and love Jesus while enjoying a good storyline.

One of her future publications as a self-published author will be a fictitious look of women of the Bible who were less than perfect with a reputation that preceded them.  She feels the current culture needs to see how much God loves each of us, “right where we are, but too much to leave us there.”  He doesn’t expect perfection before we come to Him, but to come to him, and with His help start the journey towards righteousness, holiness, and a sanctified life.

In addition to her current Jimmy and Me series, she will be writing several novellas of the individual lives of women in the Bible. The first in this historic biblical fiction series will be available in 2020 and named Anna’s Story.

Contact Becky Weck Miller through the following:

 She is an Independent Author Publisher Vine & Anchor

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